24V AC/DC Dual Tone Piezo Buzzer
Part Number 12D3240 (UL Recognized)

24V AC/DC Dual Tone Piezo Buzzer, #12D3240 (UL Recognized)
24V AC/DC Dual Tone Piezo Buzzer<br />Part Number 12D3240 (UL Recognized)
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  • Part number 12D3240
  • Manufactured by Buzzers
  • Part Number 12D3240
  • UL Recognized
  • 24V AC/DC
  • Dual tone (allows pulse or continuous tone)
  • Diameter 43.5mm x H 49.5mm
  • 90/85 (dBA/30cm)
  • Plate terminal
  • Please call for high quantity pricing
  • UL File # E183945